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Macam dan Jenis Seni Kerajinan di Kab. Bangli

Drs. I Wayan, Suardana, M.Si and Drs. I Nyoman, Ngidep Wiyasa, M.Si and I Made, Gerya, SSn and I Wayan , Adi Sumawan and I Nyoman, Surahman and I Wayan, Endra (2009) Macam dan Jenis Seni Kerajinan di Kab. Bangli. Documentation. ISI Denpasar.

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Abstrak: Bangli is one of the regencies in Bali which has various unique and interesting industries of handicrafts. Some of them used to produce household equipment and religious items but now they have been developing. These industries of handicrafts are highly supported by the natural sources available especially bamboo and wood. The only type of industry of handicraft which is available in Bali and has been developing in Bangli is the industry of metal which produces various Bali traditional clothes and accessories and attributes worn by priests. This industry is very unique and special and can only be done by some craftsmen in Bangli. The development of tourism industry in Bali has allowed the craftsmen in Bangli to move and create various handicrafts for the tourists visiting Bali. The industries which have been developing are not only limited to those who have been there for a long time but also those which are newly established and have been influenced by the centers of handicrafts developing in the other regions. By utilizing the natural resources available such as wood and bamboo, many centers of handicraft industries are developing in Bangli. Such a development cannot be separated from the influence given by Gianyar as one of the centers of handicrafts in Bali. Handicraft industry contributes a lot to the government of Bangli and its community. It has widely opened job opportunities for the community members to develop it to minimize unemployment. Those who used to be farmers are now spending their spare time developing one of the handicraft industries available. A few of them has developed some of the industries as their main professions and farming has been considered a side job. The job opportunities available are not only limited to those for men but also for housewives who used to be made busy with the work in the kitchen. Now they are having side jobs by developing some of the industries. The school children are too. They are involved in the industries made available by the environment where they live. Key words: Bangli Society and Handicraft Industry

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