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Ni Luh , Desi In Diana Sari (2013) REPRESENTASI MOTIF POLENG PADA DESAIN KEMASAN ‘AWANI’ (KAJIAN SEMIOTIKA). Segara Widya, 1 (1). ISSN 2354-7154

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Packaging as a medium of communication and information products is characterized by the presence of visual elements of packaging that is capable to build the image of the product in the minds of target consumers. Packaging of visual element consists a logo as the brand and PDP (Main Display Panel) consists of typefaces, colors, shapes, and layout (layout). Communication and information the product presented through packaging visual elements can be creating identity of product in the minds of consumers. Design packaging serves to differentiate one product with another similar product on the market. 'Awani' is a brand of culinary product is offered as typical Balinese souvenirs to tourists. Packaging using the motif Poleng as visual appeal of the packaging elements. This motif is used as a tool to communicate the image of the product 'Awani' in the minds of target consumers. The purpose of this study was to determine the forms of representation of motive poleng as the Awani’s creative packaging design concept and, to know the implied meaning of representation Poleng motif on Awani’s packaging design. The first step is to classify and identify the visual elements in packaging design and then analyze the forms of representation poleng motif in the visual elements of ‘Awani’ packaging. The next stage of analyzing the meaning representation Poleng motif is using qualitative descriptive methods with interpretive semiotic approach. Semiotic approach is to examine the text for the sign and its meaning interpreted through code (decoding) and the sign behind the text. Contribution of this study is to provide theoretical knowledge about the relationship between design concepts in the determination of visual elements in forming the image of product packaging. So it can be a reference for the small industrial sector in communicating the product's image through the minds of the target consumer packaging design.

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