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Sri, Supriyatini (2015) INTERPRETATION VALUE’S OF THE STRUGGLE WOMEN IN TANTRI’S FABLE. Mudra, 30 (3). pp. 315-330. ISSN 0854-3461

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Tantri, or sometimes called Tantric Kamandaka is one form of adaptation of Panchatantra. Balinese people in general have known Tantric as animal stories, as the oral tradition passed down from generation to generation. Through the stories are full of this virtue message parents instill moral teachings and manners to their children. Tantric story, delves a king of Pataliputra Iswaryadala, who have the pleasure of getting married every day with the girls, so nobody is left in the country gadispun it except Dyah Tantri, the prime minister's son Bandeswarya. The temperament can be stopped after marrying Dyah Tantri, women who raconteur. Tantric intelligence derived from religious knowledge base derived from the book Nitisastra and Tantra. Nitisastra, teaches the science of ethics, morality, and devotion to God. While the teaching of Tantra is a spiritual training process, resulting in a broad-minded man, and includes the concept of glorifying women's status as a magic that is a symbol of strength, power. So, Tantri is the embodiment of an intelligent and thoughtful nature, which can deliver humanity from an imperfect state to be perfect, from the dark conditions to be enlightened, and recognize the benefits of others, especially women. Tantri is also the ideology of female resistance to male domination, which resulted in the position of marginalized women, using the weapon of knowledge and wisdom, resistance not mean physically, but with the awareness, the criticism is done with smooth, through examples of animal behavior become actors in it. Although the story of thousands of years old Tantri, but until now the spirit of struggle still relevant Tantri with berkembangan era, can be applied anywhere, anytime, and with any medium. Spirit Tantri struggle, interpreted as the spirit of women today struggle against the abuse of women, packaged in two-dimensional art works, in the form of painting partitions and pop-up with the fable as media Keywords: Tantri, struggle, fable

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