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Ni Made, Ruastiti and Rino, Ega Vebrian and I Ketut, Sariada (2020) THE INHERITANCE OF SARONEN IN SUMENEP, MADURA. Working Paper. ISI Denpasar, Denpasar, Bali.

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This article aims to discuss the position and function of the Saronen instrument in Sumenep, Madura and it’s strategy of inheriting from older generations to younger generations. Until now, no one has discussed the position and function of this instrument and it’s inheritance strategy in Sumenep, Madura. Saronen as one of the cultural heritage of the Madurese people is still preserved. The questions are : (1) what is the position of the Saronen instrument in the culture of the Madurese people ?; (2) how was the strategy for the inheritance of the instrument carried out by the people of Sumenep, Madura?. This research, which is located in Sumenep, Madura was conducted using qualitative methods. The datasource of this research is the Saronen instrument it self, selected informants, libraries, journals, and research results that have been produced by previous researchers. The data collection process was carried out through observation techniques, literature study, and in-depth interviews with 10 informants, namely observers and players of the Saronen instrument. Data analysis was carried out in a descriptive qualitative manner using semiotic theory and structural-functional theory. The results showed that : (1) as a form of the cultural heritage of the Madurese people, the Saronen instrument has an important position in the culture of the Madurese people, including as Madurese ethnic identity, as a public relations media and the branding of Sumenep City as a tourist destination in East Java. The Saronen instrument, which was originally used as a da'wah medium, has now developed as a musical accompaniment to the activities of the sapi sono and karapan sapi contest, as well as the entertainment medium for the Madurese people in celebratory events (circumcision, marriage) and government events; (2) The inheritance strategy of the Saronen instrument is carried out by the indigenous people through a vertical system, namely an inheritance system through a genetic mechanism passed down from time to time across generations and a horizontal system namely inheritance through institutions, including educational institutions such as schools and art studios. Keywords: Cultural Inheritance, Saronen, Madura Ethnic, Sumenep.

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