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The Concept of Local Genius in Balinese Performing Arts

Ni Made, Ruastiti (2011) The Concept of Local Genius in Balinese Performing Arts. MUDRA Journal of Art and Culture, 26 (3). pp. 241-245. ISSN N0854-3461

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Local genius refers to what humans know, how they behave and what strategies they develop to sustain their existence where they live. 11,e knowledge they have, the way in which they behave and the strategies they develop to sustain themselves imply the Iota! genius of the area where they Jive. One or the local geniuses in Bali is the socio-ecological and spiritual principle referred to as lri Irita k11rt11111. IL is considered "dimension of balance in Balinese culture. It is deemed local genius which regulates the balanced relation between roan and his God, between man and his follow-beings. and between man and his environment. In Bali, layout and culture cannot be separated. Every space occupied by Bali Hindus has been designed in such a way that nothing deviates from the system uf values Ute Balinese culture uas. Another example is llic concept of rri mandala, another local genius which is referred to when n temple is constructed, In addition to having religious function, a temple also has aesthetic function which is highly related to the performing arts performed. II has indirectly caused the creation and performance ol'the Balinese performing arts lo be divided into three. They are the performing ans which are created nnd performed In the inner or main part of the temple (dalem); the performing arts which are created and performed in the 'madia' (middle) pan of the temple (Jaba rengalr); and those which are created and performed in the 'nista · ( outer) part of the temple tjaba sisi). A pare from rhe concept of,,., mandala. there as also another concept referred to as lri angga. the aesthetic concept of how the structure ofa Bahnese trnditional perforrmng an should be created. It is made up ofthe head tpepeson or pengm,·il). the initial pan: the body (pengawak), the main pan; and the feel (pe11gece1 and pekuad], the final part. The concept of 1r1 w1gg11. as a local gen ms, has been orgaulzed la such a way that It does not deviate from the system or values the Balinese culture has. The performing arts in Bali cannot be separated from the Balinese culture; in other words. the performing arts arc an integral part of the Balinese culture, Therefore. every performing an in Bali always has its performing structure organized by referring to the concept of rri angga, a local genius referred tn hy n choreographer when crcaring u Bali nose performing art. E-mail : [email protected] Keywords: Concept oflocal genius and balinese performing arts.

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